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How to Write Letter Requesting For Salary Increase.

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You should remember when writing a letter requesting for salary increase. 

1)      Enumerate your achievements. This has to be achievements that exceed your job description. For example, consistently reaching your target is not achievement. That is simply what is expected of you.
2)      Don’t Bluff and Don’t Threaten. Don’t say or imply that you will move to a new company unless you get an increase but…
3)      Be Precise. When you ask for an appointment, give a time frame.
4)      Ask only for what you the company can give. The fact is that you will always deserve more. Whether or not you are right is beside the point. From your point of view, you will always deserve more but the fact is that it is less important than what the company can give you.

Sample Letter for Salary Increase

Insert Date

Name of Immediate Superior
Name of Business

Dear Mr.________,

I would like to request a meeting with you before the end of the week to discuss a possible salary increase for me.

My last salary increase was ______________. I know the last four years have not been easy because of the recession. Through that time, I have also helped the company by proposing and leading the execution of the company-wide operational expenses cost cutting effort through:
1)      Initiating and liaising discussion with internet and phone companies for better company rates
2)      Conceptualizing, planning, and leading the implementation of Project Reuse and Recycle

More importantly, I am one of the few Account Managers that managed to consistently increased department revenue through the acquisition of new accounts and growing current ones even during recession.

In view of the steady recovery of the company and the contributions I made, I think it is time that we discuss my salary increase..

I understand that you are busy. I have already prepared reports and other documents that may help you make a decision.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

FirstName LastName


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