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Salary Increase Notice Letter

The following sample of Salary increase notice  letter as below

Dear Branch Manager of Gateway,

I am pleased to inform to you In view of my years of dedicated and loyal service to the organization, i trust that by now my service is indispensable to the company.

As you should be aware by now that with the global rising food and petrol prices, whatever that is left of my miserable paycheck after deducting the necessary expenses, tax to the country, petrol cost, installment cost etc.... it would be insufficient to cover the cost of a meal per day now, even though efforts to cut down my personal expenses has been in place for some time now.

Hence, I propose that the organization increase my current salary of $XXXX.00 monthly by another 40 percentage point which I hope that you could approve.

As there's a saying, a little gesture goes a long way to helping a staff become more productivity.

Thank you for your attention. 


Raymond Smith 


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