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How to write salary increment letter to company?

how to write salary increment letter, salary increment letter

The first point is to determine the appropriate route for you to make the request for salary increase. If you work in a large company where there are many chiefs and senior, and which perhaps may not even know who you are or what position you play, you will probably require you to submit a letter requesting salary increase to his immediate supervisor, who will be moving on up to the person who makes the decision to give or not the increase to you.

But if, instead, you work in a small company, it is important to find out beforehand what is the procedure for requesting a salary increase. Maybe a letter is not necessary, and if you send will not only make a fool of myself, but may also offend the recipient to consider it that you do not have the courage or confidence to talk about it in person.

Next, it is vital to know why they are asking for the salary increase. You always go with the truth, be honest and think about the actual arguments, but also know to take the place of another, his boss, and try to understand how he or she will receive the news.
"Spending bill" of unpaid overtime that you "donate" to the organization, or how much they do work there, de Do not highlight the bad points, but good.


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