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Letter to Ask for a Salary Raise

letter to ask a salary raise

letter to ask for a salary raise Many of us do not even think about asking for a raise, maybe because we know it can be automatically denied or perhaps just because any of the workers are really indispensable for the company, for that reason, if we are not satisfied with our salary or even with our job, then they can hire another person and we are going to find ourselves kicking cans at the street.

Remember, before asking for a salary raise, you should really think about why you need it, it is not necessary to start the drama by telling to your boss about your personal or money troubles. You will have more chances to obtain the salary raise if your words a clear and well-explained.

I will show you an example of a letter to ask for a salary raise, remember, it may work or not, it depends of you, your manners and the time when you ask for it:

London, October 10th, 2009

General Manager
Containers ISC

Dear  Mr .Mario Suarez,

Through this letter I would like to let you know about my salary raise request, when I was hired as a writer of the Economical Section, in 2006, the contract said that the company has a commitment with me to increase my salary when the first year was successfully done. Since then, I have been performing my duty efficiently (you must add the proofs of your good development) and even the past year I was promoted as chief Editor of the Economical Section, a new responsibility I took with proud and happiness.
However, my salary keeps the same way since the last 4 years, for that reason, I ask you to check carefully my career line on the company and the amount of my salary.

Waiting for your sooner answer, I shall say good bye and thanks for your time.


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