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Sample Employment Contract

Sample Employment Contract

Dear Employee,

This is to confirm your employment with COMPANY A as a SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT ENGINEER under the following terms and conditions:

Employment Status: Permanent
Starting Date: January 2009
Rate per hour: $400

Your employment is subject to the conditions that you will perform faithfully your duties pertaining to the job which you have been hired.

It is also understood that the company has the exclusive right to terminate you services if the exigency of the business so requires or if in sole judgement of the company you fail to meet the standards of qualifications.

It is also agreed that your contract will be subjected to the Company's rules and regulations, ignorance of the contents of the set policies does not excuse you from being reprimanded.

It is also understood that you are not allowed to seek freelance or contractual employment with other facilities similar to COMPANY A.

If the above terms are acceptable, please sign on the space provided.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Lund.
HRD Manager
Astro Hotel :


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