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Example of a letter to ask for a salary raise

Joseph Markam
General Manager

Containers SAC

Dear  Mr .Markam:

Through this letter I would like to let you know about my salary raise request, when I was hired as a writer of the Economical Section, in 2006, the contract said that the company has a commitment with me to increase my salary when the first year was successfully done. Since then, I have been performing my duty efficiently (you must add the proofs of your good development) and even the past year I was promoted as chief Editor of the Economical Section, a new responsibility I took with proud and happiness.

However, my salary keeps the same way since the last 4 years, for that reason, I ask you to check carefully my career line on the company and the amount of my salary.

Waiting for your sooner answer, I shall say good bye and thanks for your time.

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