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Salary Increase Letter for Improvement in Products

salary increment letter for improvement in product

Salary Increase Letter for Improvement in Products

Dear [Manager Name],

I am grateful for the opportunity for work for this esteemed company. It is such a rewarding experience being part of a professional group of people working hard to reach a common goal. I think due to this amazing work mentality, I am constantly inspired to make improvements to our products [or services]. My recent suggested change has been a success and I am thrilled to know that it got the green light. [You need to mention what changes have you introduced here and they improved the product and services. Your manager already knows about this, but we need to remind them nonetheless].

In the light of what has been stated above, I would like to kindly ask you consider a salary review. I have put a lot of hard work to improve our products [or services] and I still have a wealth of ideas at my disposal. I would be really thankful if my efforts can be acknowledged and you can be sure that it can only result in utmost dedication to my job.

Thank you.


[Your name]



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