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Salary Negotiation Letter

salary negotiation letter | salary negotiation letter sample

Here we provide salary negotiation letter for your best reference in negotiation salary with the company. 

Dear [Manager Name],

I would like to express my general satisfaction in the position I currently hold in [company name], but would like to draw your attention to one particular matter that is a bit unsettling.

As you are aware, my work timings have been increased lately. [Write here a sentence stating how much you used to work before and how much now]. I have no objection to this change what so ever. On the contrary, I consider myself as a hardworking person and I am ready to step in whenever it is required. I view this adjustment as a chance to gain more experience in less time and consider it as a career development move.

Having said so, I think it would only be fair if my salary is adjusted to match the increase in my working hours. I kindly ask you to look into my rightful request as I have full confidence in your good judgment.

Thank you.

[Your name]


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