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Salary Increase Notice To Employee

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Salary Increase Notice To Employee


15th July, 2010

Timmy Simons
HRD Manager
Astro Limited LTD
300 Montgomery Dr
Bukit Merah - 7845
Tel: (412) 978 1246, Extn - 4005

Salary Increase Notice to Employee.

Dear Lewis,

I am writing this letter to inform you and put forward the employees request for a salary revision. In the monthly meeting of our Utility Services department, we had the issue of salary revision put forward by some employees. After detailed consideration and insight in to the matter, I have decided to forward their request to the concerned management people, so that a suitable pay scale could be redrafted.

I would like to bring to your notice that, since the inception of the company, there was no review of the salary done for our department, considering the logistic constraints, and then existing job responsibilities. But, since now a new wing has been added, the duties and responsibilities of the employees have increased, and so has the quantum of work to be performed. Acknowledging their concerns, and to resolve their issues, I would like you to consider their request, which I personally feel is justifiable.

I would appreciate if we can discuss the matter together in person, and design a suitable revised pay scale chart, with substantial proportional salary raise.

Thanking you in anticipation of a prompt reply.



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