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Advance Salary Request

Advance Salary Request

Sometimes, when we run short of money and no one is ready to lend us, the employer is the last hope. Many good employers entertain the request of advance salary. The amount may vary from one month salary to multiple salaries. You may request your employer for advance salary in two ways:
1- Getting the salary before the due date i.e. a week or two before the salary day
2- Getting the amount equal to one or two salaries and return it in four to six monthly installments. This way you generate money for the urgent need and the budget of next month also remains in control.

When the stage of writing a request for advance salary arrives, many people get confused what to write and how to write? How to write applicaiton for salary advance is a question that can indicate the response on your request. Therefore, a simple and to the point request for loan, salary advance is recommended. Here is a simple sample application for advance salary that may help you in getting the advance salary from your employer. This sample will help those who are very weak in English and feel shy in drafting letters. This free sample format letter for salary advance will help them alot.


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