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How To Ask For Pay Rise to Your Boss?

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How to ask for pay rise to your boss? 

Some workers feel getting afraid to approach their boss for asking raise. Here are some best recommendation for asking pay rise

1. Evaluate your worth. Make a list of your accomplishments, skills and contributions.
2. Arm yourself with information. Know what a normal raise is for someone of your experience and occupation.
3. Assess your supervisor's mood and outlook. Is he or she ready to consider your request?
4. Choose an appropriate time of day. Make an appointment or ask if there are a few minutes to spare. Plan for an end-of-business-day meeting.
5. Consider asking for a specific amount that's a little higher than what you want. Say 8 percent when you would be happy with 6 percent.
6. Be realistic. If your company is going through tough times but you still feel deserving, decide how you'll respond if a lower amount is offered.
7. Be flexible. Would you consider a supplement in perks, time off, flextime or vacation time in lieu of a raise? Negotiate.
8. If your supervisor turns you down, have a plan ready and regroup.

Hopefully, you’re successful in following the eight tips in asking your boss for a raise. If not, you’re still a winner for making the effort.


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