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Salary Acceptance Email

Salary Acceptance Email 


Green Apple,

Human Resource department,

Business Intelligence,

Astro Private Limited,


July 08, 2012

Subject: – Intimation of Salary acceptance

Hello Sir,

Most humbly this is to let you know that as per our prior discussion on July 23, 2010, I’m ready to accept the salary offered by you for the post of a junior software tester. Since the salary mentioned by you is very much at par with the industry standard, I have no objection whatsoever regarding the offer made by you. In fact, going by my current cost to company, though it is slightly on the lower side, yet the job profile in your offer seems to be an excellent one. Hence, I will like to accept it and start off at the earliest.

Hope to be a part of your team very soon. I will look forward to a lot of valuable and enriching experiences being a part of the Pentasoft team.

Thanks and Regards,

Avinash Kumar Singh


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