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Salary Negotiation Before Joining.

Salary negotiation before joining

Willie M. Johnson,
1584 Flint Street,
Atlanta, GA 30303,
(678)-000 1349.

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Edward C. Brunson,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Associates Ltd,
3394 Briercliff Road,
Atlanta, GA 30300.

Dear Mr. Brunson,

Words cannot express my joy for receiving the job offer letter from ABC Associates Ltd. The reputation your company commands in the engineering domain is something that has lured me to be a part of it since a long time. With this offer letter, all my persisting attempts in stepping my foot in your company has paid off. I am thankful to the management for selecting me. All the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter suits me. However, I would like to see few changes in the compensation package.

I know it is a dream of thousands of people to work in your company. Nothing can boost their career better than your company. I am honored to find a place for myself with such a great organization. If the compensation package could be altered on a little higher side suiting my skills and experiences, my joy would see no ends. I believe that a hike of 40% to my present salary, which is $XYZ per month is quite a convincing figure.

I admit the importance of adding a brand name like yours in my resume, and I respect it. If you could acknowledge my request and make the necessary changes in the pay packages, I will appreciate it for my entire life.

I am eager to meet you and discuss personally my salary issue. I am waiting for your call. My joining date is October 26, 2011.


Willie M. Johnson,


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